“I’m a Scenographer”“A what? Ehhh, What do you do? You work with stones, or ehhh, what exactly?” I hear this question a lot, when I tell people my profession. I understand the question, because you don't hear the term "Scenographer" very often. For me, however, it fits exactly with what I do. I do staging. In images. Through costumes and scenery. For theatre, installations or illustrations; it doesn't matter to me, as long as I can use my visual language to illustrate and reinforce the essence of a story.In many of my projects and staging, I use miniature models, or in other words dioramas (another word that raises many questions). The effect of scale models by enlarging them (digitally), for example, continues to fascinate me, the versatility and detail of different materials continue to capture my imagination. Here, on my website, you can find several projects in which I have used this working method.In recent years, I have mainly worked in theatre. Besides costume and/or set design, I have developed various educational projects for kids, teenagers and adults. It’s so much fun getting people excited about my profession and showing them that theatre is so much more than "just" acting and being on stage.